Avoid Social Isolation This Winter

Winter Can Create Senior Isolation at Home

Winter can create senior isolation for older adults living in their own home. It’s not a hard-hitting headline that you’ll see in the media but it’s a reality that many seniors living at home face.

Loneliness is a hidden problem and a threat to mental and physical health, especially in our long and cold Minnesota winters. Feeling lonely and being isolated have been linked with higher rates of depression, a weakened immune system, heart disease, dementia, and early death.

When winter creates senior isolation, there are some things you can do to combat the loneliness such as:

  • Connecting by phone or video chat with loved ones or grandkids
  • Write letters
  • Connect online with neighbors in Facebook Groups
  • Host a virtual game night
  • Sign up for an online class
  • Taking care of a pet

The Cherries on Top of Senior Living

None of these though compare to living in communal senior community and the benefits you will receive from being with nearby friends, neighbors, caring staff and loved ones. The benefits of senior living are not just physical care when you need it, but there are incredible social, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits as well. Even peace of mind, just knowing you have 24/7 health care professionals nearby and like-minded neighbors that are going through the same journey.

Home and Yard Maintenance

If you’re tired of doing yard work in the summer and hauling out the snow blower day after day in the winter, moving into a senior living community takes that hassle away. There are no more worries about leaky roofs, water pipes bursting or any of the myriad problems homeowners deal with.

Crisis Moves Don’t Work Well

For some seniors who wait to move until a life event like a fall or a hospitalization requires it, the whole process of selling your home and moving can be stressful. It’s far easier to pack up and move before you need assistance with daily activities.

A Gift for Your Adult Children

If your children are checking on you every day, worried about you falling or driving, or keeping a close eye on everything you do, moving to a senior community takes that worry away from them. They’ll know you’re safe and supported. You’ll be relieving them of sandwich generation stressors involved with taking care of their parents and children at the same time. Also, you’ll be taking away the burden of caring for you in the future, when and if you do need more assistance with daily life.

Your Safety and Security

As a senior living in your own home, there are multiple risks for you within your four walls. Falling is a big one. Senior living communities like ours are designed with senior safety in mind. Also, in your own home, you’re responsible for things like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers and other home safety equipment. In a senior community, that’s all taken care of for you.

Services to Keep You Independent

Many senior living communities offer things like transportation to the grocery store and other shopping venues, and, depending on the building you choose, they may have onsite bistros, gift shops, pharmacies, and salons. Additionally, we offer housekeeping and laundry services for our residents.

Programs and Activities for Wellness

If you’ve been living on your own, you’ll be surprised at all the activities and events for you to enjoy at our community. Living here will enhance the quality of your life. One look at the monthly activity calendar will show you a packed agenda. You’ll find health and fitness programs; outings for shopping and dining; social programs and more; even happy hours. The idea is to enrich your life with socialization, companionship, health, and wellness, and more. Who says retirement is boring? At SilverCreek on Main your social calendar will be as full as you want it to be.


We’re a family at our communities, and there’s always someone to talk to, play cards or take a walk with, and no shortage of people to enjoy events with. Not to mention our helpful, caring staff who you’ll know by name in no time.

There’s Care for the Future

When you live at SilverCreek on Main, you can contract for services in our Assisted Living or Dementia Care community when and if your need for more help and assistance increases. We work with our SilverCare team to provide customized nursing services, help with daily living activities, physical therapy, medication management and more.

Contact our team of trusted senior advisors today to schedule a visit to our community and to help us learn about your current situation. We’re happy to help guide your journey with resources and support along the way!

By Published On: November 17, 2022Categories: Blog